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What are the financial terms?

The duration of a loan will determine how long it will take to pay your financial contract. Generally, a lender will offer you a loan with a term of 36 to 72 months, which means that you will have three to six years to repay the price of your vehicle plus interest. Interest rates and terms offered may vary and are based on a number of factors, including your down payment and credit score.

It is important to understand that the term of your financial contract also has a role in determining your interest rate and therefore, your monthly payment. For example, a typical 60 month loan will have a higher interest than a 36 to 48 month loan, but will come with a lower monthly payment. The APR range is 3.49 +% and the average interest rates are as follows:

36 Months: 3.71%
48 Months: 3.81%
60 Months: 3.93%
72 Months: 3.78%

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